Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Hi there.  Just a quick request for prayer...
Both Laura and I have doctor's appointments today at 10 (ish).  (Nice that we coordinate our schedules for you all, eh?  Actually, it wasn't planned that way...)
Laura's following up with her oncologist. Probably a quick appointment as she's feeling pretty gosh darn good after her surgery a couple of weeks ago, but it is still challenging to step foot into a cancer center even for just a meeting with doctor. 
And for me...I had a bone scan and a CT scan on Monday and will get the  results of those today.  I am a bit worried as they had to take "extra pictures" with the bone scan.  If everything looks the same/better than my last scans in August, then the course of treatment stays the same.  If not, it's probably chemo.  Obviously, my choice is to keep going with the current treatment plan; call me crazy, but I kind of like having hair and not feeling nauseous.  
So...if you have a moment this morning, would you just pray for peace and joy for both of us as we wait and as we hear what the doctors have to say?  Knowing that there are prayers being said over us is more comforting and powerful and we're so grateful to you for standing in this gap for us.  
I'll update you (a short one this time, I promise!) after I get home later this afternoon.
Thanks much,

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