Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Past UPdates - May 12

Well, I made it.  And it actually wasn't too bad.  I thought I was in big trouble when the doctor came in before the surgery and said, "Don't be worried when you hear me hammering through your bone.  You shouldn't feel anything."  I'm sorry...what did you say?  Hammering???  
It ended up being a 2 hour procedure and I was awake, but relaxed with Versed, during the whole thing. There was a little pain at times, but the doctor was quickly able to give me more anesthetic to numb me up. The nurse, Ken, was phenomenal.  Held my hand and stroked my hair and was careful to explain what was coming and reassure me that things were progressing well.  
They were able to get 4 or 5 samples that he hoped would be enough to get all the tests run that my oncologist wants.  It will take a few days, however, to complete all the analysis so I may not know the exact diagnosis and basis for my treatment plan until early next week.  He was a bit concerned about the softness of my bone, but doesn't think I'm in danger of imminent fracture yet wants me to be very careful as I'm walking around.
So other than almost passing out in the lobby of Rowell as we were walking out (and having to use a wheelchair!)  and, now, being in a bit of discomfort (okay, it really kind of hurts!), I'm doing okay.  Laying on the couch, just about ready to take a little snooze, and watching a bit of American Idol DVR'd from last night.  Gosh, I sound lazy!
Thanks for all your prayers.  There is no doctor's office, no operating room, no little cubicle separated from the next bed by a thin, thin, sheet where there Lord's presence cannot be known.  I knew Him to be there today, so did Chad.  And we are thankful to you for standing in the gap and interceding on our behalf.  What a journey we're on....
Love to you
P.S.  The pole dancing explanation for the cane seems to be the clear winner! Congrats Jenni (Wimer) Hill.  I wish I had a prize for you! :)

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