Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Past Updates - May 28

Little update this morning and then we're off for a long weekend at my parents' cottage. No waterskiing for me, but long lazy boat rides are definitely in order!
I just found out that I will be receiving 9 days of radiation to my hip/femur starting Tuesday, June 1 and ending Friday, June 11.  The side effects are supposed to be fairly minimal and I can do this all while the kiddos are at school so there will be little impact on their lives.  I feel very good about this and have appreciated the fact that I have had almost no pain in my hip since that day which I asked for prayer a couple of weeks ago.  That is a gift for which I am grateful!
I would ask for your continued prayers over the problems with my vision in my left eye.  It is still cloudy or blurry, especially when in bright light.  The doctors' have no explanation so far (and are concerned about it), yet do not feel that it is related to the Tamoxifen so I started up on that again last night.  Please pray that my vision is fully restored and whatever the underlying cause is is discovered quickly and is 100% treatable without impact to my overall cancer treatments.
Once again, thanks for walking with me during this chapter of my life...I appreciate you very much!
Enjoy the weekend, my friends...

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