Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Past Updates - May 21-25

May 21
My leg has been causing me some pain today...more than it has in the past...nothing sharp (like a fracture)...but enough that it's making me very cautious about moving around. As you can imagine, this chick doesn't particularly like her activity to be limited so would you take just a few seconds and pray:
1. That the pain would subside.
2. That the bones would not fracture.
3. That I would not be frustrated or worried by this.
May 22
Guess what?  Today was virtually hip/leg pain free! I would love to tell you that- because I asked for specific prayer about this - I wasn't surprised, but that wouldn't be the truth. I am surprised.  Super thankful, but yet surprised.   Hmmm....guess God and I have some stuff to talk about tonight, eh?
Thanks for lifting me up before the Lord last night and today. Have I told you how grateful I am for you?
Sleep well, my friends...
May 24
Just wanted to ask for prayer again...
My left eye started to have a little bit of blurred vision in it on Saturday along with some headaches.  Last night, an on-call doctor at Roswell directed me to not take my Tamoxifen until I speak with my oncologist.  Just spoke with her and she's scheduling a brain MRI for me to have tomorrow at 3:30 PM as breast cancer can metastasize to your brain and they have not yet checked my brain to see if it is clear of lesions.  As you might imagine...this isn't the news that I was anticipating receiving today and I am trying to keep my eyes focused on the Only One who makes a difference in situations like these. 
I'll keep you posted.
May 25
This is short and sweet because there's really no news yet to report. Tomorrow will be the day we find out the results of the brain MRI.  The bad news is that the opthalmologist who I met with prior to the MRI couldn't come up with a simple explanation.  On the flip side, he also didn't find some of the typical tumors that he often finds when he's asked to look at "patients like me." So either its something totally unrelated or its a brain lesion in a place that may not be the typical presentation.   I know...I know...kind of a wide range of options, eh?  I certainly know which end of that range I would love it to be! 
My mind is super tired and my eyes aren't working very well (as my pupils are still the size of saucers from all the dilation drops I received...apparently, you can get the "super special package" of dilation drops that will keep your eyes funky for over 6 hours after the procedures.  Don't you all think I am one lucky girl to be treated with such great prizes?!
Thanks for all your prayers.  Truly.  Thank You.  I found myself quietly saying over and over again certain scriptures or portions of scriptures to myself while waiting for the tests.  But, this time, I didn't just say those verses/portions of verses, I actually changed them to begin with the words, "I rejoice in You Lord because You...."  It was amazing how many different qualities of the Lord were easily and quickly flowing to my mind.  That brought tremendous comfort and - dare I say it -  joy for Chad and me today.  
Once again, I'll be in touch tomorrow...

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