Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Past Updates - June 1

Hi. Another medical update for you.  Are you getting sick of hearing about my latest ailments?!?!
Today we got good news!
(How's that? Last week I got in trouble with a few of you for not saying "everything's okay" until a paragraph or two into the e-mail update. Didn't want to get yelled at again so, from now on, I will always give you the punch line first!)  
I met with a retinal specialist today regarding the continued blurriness/cloudiness in my left eye. Although she cannot unequivocally rule out that there's a small lesion in my brain, she strongly believes that my vision problem isn't directly related to either the cancer or the Tamoxifen that I'm taking to fight the cancer. She believes that it's a case of acute uveitis/iritis  - an inflammation of the iris.  The course of treatment is just steroid drops several times a day for the next few weeks.   
And, while she gave me the final choice, she also recommended that I don't wear my contacts for the next couple of weeks.   So just to clarify:  I'll be the girl in the coke-bottle thick glasses from 1996 (Hmmm...they actually may be from 1995.) who may limp from time to time, and who may break out into a hormone-induced (or lack thereof) profuse sweat without advance notice.   
Sound fun?  Anyone?  Anyone?
Actually, I'm thrilled that this is the news we heard today!!!

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