Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Past Updates - May 11

Just a quick update this time...
Biopsy Plan
My biopsy is scheduled for Wednesday morning. I go into Roswell at 7 AM and have the procedure at 8:30.  It should only last an hour or so.  They have to put a hole in the neck of my femur bone so that they can extract a sample for analysis.  Does that sound like fun to anyone?!?  Anyone want to do it for me?  I should get the results by Friday afternoon. If it is metastatic breast cancer then I will be meeting with my breast oncologist Tuesday afternoon to define the treatment plan.  If it isn't, then I will need to set up an appointment with a new oncologist and go from there.   The kids think it's cool that mom has crutches, but were bummed when I told them no bike riding this summer.  "Why not, Mommy?"  Oh Lord...give me the words when it's time....
A note about Laura and Rick...
For those of you who may not best friend since 5th grade - Laura (Wensley) Rider - has been battling gastric cancer since July.  She goes in tomorrow to her oncologist to get another treatment, but also to discuss the efficacy of her current treatment plan. She's worried about this conversation. Please pray for wisdom and peace. 
Also, our very good friend from our church, Rick (his wife is Carrie), is having a 10-hour surgery today to take out his cancerous bladder and replace it with a new one made from his intestines.  Although the surgery isn't yet over, we received great news earlier today that there wasn't cancer in his ureters so they are able to move forward as they had hoped.  Please pray for the time in the hospital (7-10 days) as well the long recovery ahead for Rick, Carrie, Gavin (8), Eve (6), and Maeve (3).
And the Winner Is...
And, I want to tell you how much I appreciate all the responses to my question, "What do I tell people when they ask about my crutches/cane?"  Some of your answers were hilarious and some were very helpful.  Here are my top 10 favorite responses:
  1. "I've been having some hip issues and I had to have a procedure.  I hope to be back to running soon!" 
  2. "I'm just using the crutches to build up my upper body; I thought I was a little puny and I want to "pump up" a bit."   
  3. As for the cane.... I suggest you wear an eye patch as well and tell everyone you are a pirate. Pirates are cool, right? Dr. House has a cane, and he's cool too. 
  4. "Sadly, I was privately addicted to pole dancing.  As part of my treatment, I am participating in a step-down program using a cane for the next couple of months.  That way, when the urge overwhelms me, I can shake my groove thing around the cane because we had to remove the pole from our bedroom."  Say it with a straight face, and believe me, no one will even bother to ask about the crutches!  Throw in a few moves every now and then, and even the kids will go along with this story! 
  5. About the crutches – just wrap an ace bandage around your ankle, or get one of those walking boots for your foot.  That would probably prevent many people from asking what’s wrong.     If you are using a cane, just wear a robe and carry a stuffed lamb.  Say that you are trying out for a pageant. 
  6. “Just a little procedure on my hip – I need to stay off for a few weeks.”
  7. As far as crutches go just tell them your hip is compromised, old sky diving injury
  8. I couldn’t resist, so I Googled “cool canes” and found 836,000 matches in 0.21 seconds.  The first one I clicked on did look pretty cool.  Unfortunately as I looked at the related searches, “pimp canes,” was at the top of the list.  Probably not the avenue you want to pursue after all!
  9. Just tell people you are accident prone and its preventative. 
  10. My doctor thought it would be best for me to use the cane/crutches for some hip/leg pain.
Love to you all,

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