Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Past Updates - May 6

Some of you are aware, but I've been having hip/groin pain for a while now and yesterday I had an MRI to find out what the issue is.  I met with the orthopedic today and he told me that I  have a lesions (metastatic cancer) in both my femur and hip sock/pelvis. Although logic would say that it's a metastasis of breast cancer to the bones, that may not be the case; it could be coming from another primary tumor in another organ.  The great news is that my oncologist was able to get me both a bone scan and a CT scan today (as well as blood draws) so I will find out today or tomorrow morning: (1) if there's a tumor in another organ of my body that may actually be the primary tumor (and not breast cancer), and (2) the extent of the involvement (i.e, is it only in my bones, where in my bones other than in my femur and hip, and are there other organs that are also affected).
I'm at Roswell as I type this (thank goodness I had my laptop with me for a now-cancelled meeting for On the Job Ministries) so as soon as I know more I'll e-mail you and let you know.
Here's what I will tell you: The Lord has prepared me well for this moment.  It was no accident that - when Laura was diagnosed this summer and when my other friend Rick heard about his reoccurrence - the Lord called me to, what I say, "enter in."  Meaning, I wasn't allowed to just walk alongside them as they've battled the initial fears and worries and the on-going battle with choosing to place our trust in the Holy God, God directed me to feel as if it was happening to me.  So, this morning when the orthopedic (who was amazing, by the way, in the way he dealt with me) told me the news, a real and undeniable peace was present.  No tears.  No sense of doom.  Just as sense that He goes before me.  This isn't taking Him by surprise. This isn't something that denies who He is.  He is the Rock. The God Eternal. The Unchanging One.  Nothing - no diagnosis, no painful treatment, no statement of what lies ahead of me - changes that. No matter how hard it is to think of those things.
I may need help remembering this as the days go along, but for now...the Holy Spirit is being exactly who He promises to be.
Please pray for my kiddos you can imagine, I can't even type their names without tears beginning to well in my eyes...
Love to you

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