Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Past Updates - July 14

I have literally 2 minutes to send this out before heading out to a softball game, but wanted to make sure everyone knew what happened today...
The news was great.  In essence, my oncologist is fairly certain that my bone scan shows that I'm experiencing what's called a tumor flare - a term I don't fully understand but a condition in which my body is responding to the treatment by becoming inflamed (in many, many, many bones).  Taking yesterday's bone scan by itself, it looks like my body is riddled with cancer, especially all down my spine.  However, comparing it against the scan taken 2 months ago, it becomes more clear that it is probably tumor flare - painful, but not indicative that my body isn't responding to the Tamoxifen treatment.  Further, my tumor markers - which were elevated 2 months ago and even more elevated last month - are now NORMAL!
I hugged my doctor four times and never was so happy to hear that the plan is to continue the same course of treatment with repeat scans in two months.  No chemo!
Said simply, I am ecstatic.  However, as you might guess by now, I have more thoughts on all this. You're lucky, however, as I have no time to share them now!  I'll be back in touch either tonight or tomorrow.
I am so grateful for all the prayers lifted up on my behalf.  For once, I don't have words.  To be loved by you all...inexpressible.  

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