Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Past Updates - May 15

Hi all..Given I didn't get the results from my biopsy yet, there's not much to report.  However, many of you have asked for an update so here it is:
By all accounts, we're doing really, really well!  My hip is feeling much better after the biopsy on Wednesday.  Thursday was pretty tough...thought that I would have to use the crutches because I couldn't bear weight on my left side.  But, thankfully, the pain has subsided so I'm actually hardly in any pain (no meds!) when I do most "regular" type of movements.  I need to be careful with bending, twisting, and lots of walking. Of course, kickboxing, running and doing any sort of household chore that I don't want to do (yeah, right!) are out of the picture.  But, other than those restrictions , I'm actually able to maneuver around without crutches or a cane.  That is a huge praise!  
On Thursday night, Chad and I went to a healing "service" at our church where a small group of friends and those whom I didn't know prayed over me.  Although it's hard to explain it with words (and, yes, as many of you know, I call these things as firmly putting me into what many would describe as the "wackos of the faith" category) this evening brought tremendous encouragement and peace to both Chad and to me.  We firmly placed our requests at the feet of Christ and invited Him to work both in my body and in our lives.   We traded-in our fears about what life may look like for us in the coming weeks and months, about the things that we don't know, about the things that can tempt us to lose sleep at night.  We traded those things in for the truths about who God says He is and who God says we are.  We were reminded of His great power, His great love, His protection and His provision.  We asked for physical healing of my body and received a strong sense of peace that the Lord not only heard that request, but has plans to be glorified through this time in our lives.  We came home and slept likes babies; in fact, we all woke up much later than normal and had to hurry up to not miss the school bus!   
My specific prayer requests would be that: (1) my hip/femur stay strong and do not fracture; (2) the treatment plan is clear and is one that has minimal impact on me and my family's life; (3) my children's hearts will be protected; (4) Chad is encouraged and supported even more than I am so that he can continue to pray over me, give me more than he should have to, and pick up the slack around the house on things that I cannot easily do right now.  
I have one huge prayer request that is, quite honestly, super scary and risky to even type out, but it's one that I'm offering up.  If anyone is willing to pray it along with me (and I won't ask you if you are able to do this!), I would love that:  I'm asking that the biopsy shows no cancer at all.  I know.  It's a huge request; one that makes no logical sense as five cancer experts have looked at my films and all have absolutely no doubt it's cancer.  But, I know that my God can do anything and far be it from me to not ask it just because I assume that He won't do it.  He's good either way; cancer diagnosis or not.  But my heart's desire is to not have cancer in my body and to pretend it isn't, isn't being honest before the Lord.  
So how do you like that crazy stuff?!?   Stick around; it's bound to become even more nutty!  :)
Thanks for loving us through prayers, through offers to help, through cards, and through baking!  I'll keep you updated.
Much love,

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