Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Past Updates - June 16

Went to Roswell today.  Found out that my tumor markers are slightly elevated from last time.  Not the news I had wanted to hear, but my doctor's not super concerned about this as sometimes patients experience "flares" before the medicine starts to positively affect the disease.  Yet instead of waiting three months for a bone and CT scan, she scheduled me to have these scans in mid-July.   Until then, I will continue with a daily Tamoxifen pill. 
I also was injected with another menopause pellet and received an infusion of a bone strengthening agent.  Let's just say that "numbing cream" is a fabulous invention and made the pellet injection way easier than last time.  Getting the needle into my hand for the IV infusion was another story.  My silly veins apparently don't like to be stuck and they disappear.  That wasn't a ton of fun.  Didn't come close to passing out this time. That's a plus!
All in the all the day wasn't too bad and the next four weeks should be close to normal - at least physically - for the Rush Family.   
Thanks for your continued prayers.  And, if you're looking for ways to pray specifically, I would love prayer for
1.  An overwhelming sense of the Lord's presence as I go about my day
2.  The effects of menopause to be manageable.
3.  The transition to summer...Now with the kids in school, if I feel the need to cry or have a quick phone call with a friend to get some encouragement, I have plenty of time to do that when the kids aren't around.  In just a few days, that will change and I'm a bit concerned that the emotional toll of this on me will be more easily seen by Emilie and Daniel. 
4.  Continued strength and leadership for Chad
Thanks all...

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