Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Okay...the pit is starting in my stomach about tomorrow. 
Going to Roswell tomorrow (Wed) around 12:30 to meet with my doctor to hear the results of my scans that I had on Friday.  As you may or may not know/remember...my tumor markers have been climbing each month so the efficacy of my current treatment plan is in question.  At tomorrow's meeting, my doctor may or may not recommend a change to my treatment plan.  If it's a change, then the only conventional medical options I have remaining all center around different chemotherapy, or possibly radiation, options.
Who wants that?
Not me.
Not ever.
As surprising as it may be to you, I look much better with hair.  Bald is not a look a pull off very well...and I have the pictures from 11 years ago to prove it!  :)
Hate to be a pain, but I would greatly appreciate prayer tomorrow.  
Thanks friends.


  1. You will be lifted as high as I can reach

  2. Continually lifting you before El Roi - The God who sees.

  3. Lifting you high before the Almighty Physician...