Friday, August 26, 2011

Messages Available

 Hi all...
Some of you requested that I let you know if/when there was going to be a recording available of the talks that Chad and I gave this past weekend at our church.  The church did, in fact, video them and they were posted to our church's website last night.  I will tell you that I watched them and it probably was a mistake because I learned two things: (1) I can make some funny faces at times and (2) I am, apparently, a total "use my hands when I talk" girl!  So much so that Chad asked if I was interpreting for the deaf during my talks because it was just so distracting to see my hands flying all over the place!!! 

All in all, the weekend for me was tiring but a well-timed gift.  It was a gift to me to participate in something like this.  For those of you who were there to see 1 (or 3 as some die-hard supporters did) of the talks, you have been incredibly encouraging to me.  And not just telling me that I did a "good job," but telling me that you learned something or that you came away with a new understanding.  That's just cool.  I'm grateful for that.

So...IF you're interested in watching, here's what you'll find on the website.  When you click on this link ( you'll come to a landing page.  Click on the "Launch Sermon Player".  There will be a total of 5 videos that you can watch if you want to. 

The first video is Chad's 5-6 minute intro video.  This was played at each service just prior to me walking up to the front to speak.  Gotta warn you: it still puts a lump in my throat when I see it.

The next four videos are of the talks that I gave. Each is between 15-18 minutes long. 
Message #1 - 6:30 PM Sat:  Elijah - Part I
Message #2 - 9:30 AM Sun:  Elijah - Part II
Message #3 - 9:45 AM Sun:  The 2 Disciples and the Colt
Message #4 - 11 AM Sun:  Mary, Martha and Lazarus

I hope that the sound and the audio are aligned when you watch it.  If it's not, I would highly recommend closing your eyes because the "flying around hands", not timed with the sound, is just down right embarrassing!

Again, thanks for all your encouragement.

P.S.  For those of you who pay extra close attention to the details of our life...I just called today to push off for a week my scans and, thus, the follow-up appointment with my doctor.   I decided that, if I didn't absolutely have to, I didn't want to spend a full day of the last week of summer vacation at Roswell being scanned.  When I asked my doctor if I could do this and she said it would be fine to do, I hung up and cried a few tears.  I am just THRILLED that now I do not need to be scanned until after the kids go back to school (9/9) and won't get the results until the following Wednesday (9/14). 

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  1. Kristie, you are a natural speaker! Thanks for being so honest! We are praying for you in Pittsburgh!!

    Sue Novick