Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Update #32: Yuck

Well.  Not so easy today.  A few tears shed and perhaps many more in the coming days as the reality sets in. 
Bottom-line:  Chemo starts Friday.  However, it's a pill form of chemo called Xeloda that doesn't have as bad of side effects as some of the chemo drugs.  One of the biggest perks (but, really, is anything a "perk" when it comes to chemo?!?) is that I won't lose my hair.  The blond pony tail stays.   That has to be something I celebrate, because there's not much else that's easy to cheer over.   I won't go into the list of side effects...who wants to hear those things.
Hmm....what do I do tomorrow in advance of "X-Day" starting?
Not totally sure, but you bet it will include a stop to Cold Stone Creamery for a dish of Mud Pie Mojo. 
I'll keep you posted. 
Love to you all,

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