Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Update #33: X-Day Tomorrow

After a great (and you could interpret that word "great" to either mean "long" or "fabulous" and you'd be absolutely correct!) delay, my chemo pills came in the mail today. 

And, it got me thinking:  I wonder if the FedEx man would have such a big smile on his face and say, "Have a good day!" if he knew what was contained in the package he was delivering to me.

Or I wonder what my new neighbor would think - that is different from the assumption that she may have made - if she knew the real reason why I received flowers today?  (Yes, they were from Laura who wanted me to have a "good" delivery instead of just a yucky chemo delivery today. Sweet, huh?) 

Or I wonder what the bicyclist thought who was trailing me for a minute as I walked down the road, headphones on, singing out loud (hopefully, not loudly or out of tune, but who knows!) if he knew that I was trying to fill my mind and my heart with the truths I know about my God instead of the worries about what tomorrow will be like as I swallow those pills. I even need to say it? 

Sometimes the assumptions we make about someone may lead us to conclude something that is about the furthest thing from the truth as possible.

FedEx Delivery?  Could be something yucky.
Flowers?  Might be trying something to try to counter balance something yucky.
Singing out loud walking girl?  May be because she's desperate to remember the things she knows that are true, rather than the challenges that swirl around her. 

I have a friend who heard some hard news today.  Not life threatening news, but certainly life changing news.  Things that limit the activities that he's used to doing, that he loves to do, that he's dreamed of being able to do for years to come as the involved, on-the-go husband and dad that he is. 

The adjustment is going to be hard for him, hard for his family.

I'm sure that people who don't know the real reason he's sitting on the sidelines may make some assumptions about him from time to time.   They're going to be dead wrong.

You see, he'd do anything to be on that field with his son, with his daughter.  He'd do anything to be as able to take care of the workload around his house. 

He just can't.
At least for right now.

See a guy on the sidelines?  See a crazy girl walking with tears on her face?  See a floral delivery and wish that arrangement was for you?

Hmm...yep....that's stuff to ponder all right.

Love to you all

P.S.  Prayers for tomorrow's first "X-day" would be appreciated...that the side effects would be minimal...that my kiddos would be extra-specially kind...that I would be able to be patient and kind if they aren't!!! :)  Thanks...

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