Thursday, February 17, 2011

Update #22

If you were a superhero, what would your name be?
Me?  I'd be "Scar Girl."
I'd be the coolest Scar Girl ever. 
Not sure exactly what crime-fighting skill I'd have....maybe handing out superpower band aids to boys and girls with skinned knees or paper cuts or boo-boos from a bad run in with a stapler.  Whatever skill I'd have, my costume is one that it'd be tough to argue I haven't earned the right to wear.  
On Monday, I added three more soon-to-be scars to this well-deserved title and am still in a little bit of awe that it only takes three fairly little incisions to remove body parts these days.  Pretty amazing, isn't it?  Three cheers for laparoscopic surgery!  Thankfully everything went really smoothly, including my recovery thus far. 
The most surprising thing is that - unbeknownst to me - I only had one ovary.  Shocking, actually, given that I've had upwards of 10 ultrasounds in the past 5 years and, each time (albeit after some fairly hard-core searching by the tech), they found this now-missing right ovary, measured it, and told me that it looked healthy.   My brain wasn't clear enough to really discuss this "find" with my surgeon in post-op, so I'll let you know what kind of explanation I get when I go in for my follow-up in two weeks!  The good news is that the left ovary - the one with suspicious spot - looked normal, but the jury's still out until the final pathology is complete (in 2 weeks).
So that was the most surprising thing.
The best thing was, once again, you.  I don't mean to be repetitive, but I cannot just ignore the fact that I have been showered - and I truly mean showered - with love from you all. 
From cut-outs of your hands that remind me you're praying for me;
to getting paper roses that tell me encouraging things that make me cry;
to a treasure hunt of gifts spread all over my house that we're - days later and  to the sheer delight of my kiddos - still finding tucked into nooks and crannies (I woke up in the middle of the night to find a plastic baggie of conversation hearts under my pillow!)
to meals being delivered EVERY DAY for the next two weeks;
to emails, phone calls, flowers, cards, visits, and...drum roll drop-offs of Starbucks coffee drinks!
All this and even more that goes unmentioned.  And I'm so grateful for it.
But, you know what absolutely continues to astound me?
The letters, cards, emails, gifts from people I don't even know.
People I don't even know who - because they love Christ - have gone to such great lengths to encourage me.
Me.  Little.  'Ole.  Me.
Don't think that it's because I really am a Super Hero; we've talked about this in the past.  I'm no hero; I'm just a girl with a really big God, remember?
No, I'm convinced that it has nothing to do with me; rather, it has everything to do with the fact that Christ's love matters.  It changes people. It causes people to do illogical, selfless, radical things.  It causes a woman I've never met (who I sense would be embarrassed if I mentioned her name) to send me card after card after card just to remind me that I have a God who is bigger than my circumstances.  It causes mothers with small children and already not enough time in their day to take the time to painstakingly trace the hands of their children, cut them out and write out a Scripture verse that reminds me that He is always present, always in control.  It causes an entire class of 4th graders in a school states away to pray for me daily.
Although I cannot fully explain it, what I know to be true is that Christ love changes people, change circumstances.  It dispels darkness, brings laughter, infuses purpose.
Christ's love even caused this girl's kitchen counter to be covered in presents that she never in a million years expected! It's just that powerful. :)
Not only am I astounded and humbled and grateful, I am refreshed and renewed and encouraged. And while my ultimate thanks is directed heavenward, I would be sadly remiss if my eyes didn't drift toward faces I know and face I don't know and thank you as well. Thank you for choosing to release His love and pour it down on my family, teaching us about the tangible - and intangible - JOY that comes from knowing Christ and being part of His family.
You are the best,
P.S.  Would you pray for Laura?  Just yesterday (yes, I said yesterday), she was given the opportunity to go on a missions trip with Young Life to El Salvador. She left today (yes, I said today) at 6:15 AM for a week of digging wells and sharing Christ. I cannot wait to see what God has in store... Thanks!!

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