Sunday, February 27, 2011

Update #23

Headed into Roswell tomorrow (Monday) for a CT scan, bone scan and blood work.  I'll be there almost all day.   Needless to say it's not a lot of fun for either Chad or me.   The highlight is the little race I have with myself to see how fast I can drink the yucky "smoothie" they give you before you get your CT scan.  I'm seriously having Chad time me. Last time I totally beat the lady sitting across the waiting room. She started way before me and was still only halfway through by the time I tossed my cup in the trash.  You'd be proud of me, however, I refrained from yelling, "Yeah" and doing a fist pump when the thing hit the bottom of the garbage can!
[I'm laughing to myself because I've never chugged a beer in my life, but apparently, if you entice me with a delicious radioactive drink, I'll suck it down in record time.  Funny or completely ridiculous?!?] 
All kidding aside...I would love your prayers for tomorrow.  Although I won't be getting my results until Wednesday morning, these tests aren't easy. Physically they aren't too bad, but emotionally and spiritually they can be challenging.  I've been praying a lot - and being reminded through Scriptures a lot - about the fact that worrying about tomorrow is just a distraction from being fully present in the blessings of today.   "Lord help me be aware of and stay focused on Your Presence here with me now, at this moment." 
So, while tomorrow provides ample time to practice staying in His presence (lots of laying still and quiet on exam tables), those same minutes can easily be waste on thinking and worrying about all the unknowns of my situation.   Knowing that others are praying for me during those moments provides just that extra nudge I need to keep my eyes on His Face.
P.S.  I'm feeling great after the little incisions are healing nicely.  I've just come to realize, however, that there wasn't as much "swelling" as I thought there was in my belly; ice cream, cookies, delicious meals delivered to my doorstep may actually be to blame! :)    

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  1. Kristie, your husband's cousin Amy forwarded your blog to me. I too am awaiting some medical test results tomorrow, and your comment about how worry distracts us really spoke to me yesterday. I chose to enjoy each minute my son snuggled with me! Blessings and peace to you tomorrow.