Monday, February 28, 2011

Update #23 - Part II

Back home. Fortunately, things went extremely smoothly.  Our friend Danielle joined us at the hospital and I think she's going to have to come with us each time because today... 
  • We made it through Roswell in record time.
  • I only had to have two "sticks" in my arm instead of the usual three.
  • I didn't need to sit through an extra set of scans during my bone scan; a "one-take wonder" I was this time.
  • We even had two hours in between tests that we could actually leave the hospital and have a yummy lunch downtown!!!  (Sugared strawberries in a salad are fabulous. Who knew?) 
The only unfortunate part was that I was a little too efficient. Chad dropped me off at the entrance and then parked the car. By the time he parked and walked into the waiting room, I had already sucked down my barium smoothie so - much to the dismay of my competitive nature - we weren't able to time how long it took!  I almost said that I had to wait until Chad showed up with his stop-watch, but decided getting it over with was top priority.  (I did do a little bragging with the nurse about my mad skills; she was very impressed.)
So...I go back for the results of my scans/blood work on Wednesday at 9 AM.  Those meetings are always a bit unsettling.  Waiting for my doctor to come into the room and trying to read her face for what might come out of her mouth in the .2 seconds it takes for her to start speaking is crazy hard.  
Thanks for your prayers and encouraging words today. They matter. 
I'll be back in touch soon.
With love,

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  1. Love you Kristie!! Appreciate all the updates since I never get to see you. You are so awesome and strong and who knew (funny)!! I don't think anyone would dare race you in drinking a barium smoothie. I am sure you have earned that title!! You are in my thoughts and prayers as well as Laura (but I do get to see her at Browncroft and the Y for our kids sports. Take care of yourself, and will wait for Wed. update. Laurie Booher (Conrow)