Wednesday, January 26, 2011

And the Verdict Is...

Still uncertain.
(You would think that I am getting used to hearing that, right? Hmmm...not so much.)
So the scoop is that my tumor markers are still elevated; in fact, a bit higher even from last month.  However, my oncologist and I talked through her logic as to why I shouldn't yet be alarmed by this.  Her exact quote was, "You shouldn't lose sleep over this, Kristie."   And, after hearing her logic, I am comfortable with the approach she has laid out. 
In a nutshell, I will return to Roswell in 5 weeks to be re-scanned and do more blood work.  If the markers are again elevated and/or the scans are worse than the ones in December, then I will change my treatment from an anti-estrogen based therapy to a traditional chemotherapy (yes, that's correct, that means baldness).  If they are virtually unchanged or even better then I will continue with the anti-estrogen therapy.
So I get a break from going to see my breast oncologist for 5 weeks; although I love her to pieces, I'm thrilled about not having to return for scans until 2/28!. 
The only other thing to share with you - for today, that is (and you're so lucky to only have to read a short email from me!) - is that my surgery to remove my ovaries has been moved up.  I will have my laparoscopic surgery on 2/14.  Is that going to be a rockin' Valentine's Day or what?!? My childhood friend, Kathy, is having her mastectomy that day as well.  Do we Webster High School girls know how to put a twist on the way most celebrate this holiday, or what?!?
Thanks for your prayers today. 
We're doing well.
Off to school to have lunch with my kiddos.  
P.S.  Chad and I had an excellent trip to Colorado.  He skied Breckenridge and Aspen.  I shopped Breckenridge and Aspen.  He drove a 2 wheel, rear-wheel drive car through a blinding snowstorm.  I commented on how dumb it was for me to save $300 by not renting a 4-wheel drive SUV.  He ate buffalo tartare (yes, he didn't know it was raw meat either when he ordered it).  I ate brie.  We both went dog sledding and almost went off the trail and down a black diamond ski slope being pulled by 10 dogs; literally, we were up on one rail, 3" away from going over the edge.  Can you imagine?!?! My bones would not have liked that! :)

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