Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tomorrow (Wednesday)

Hi all...
I have to go back to "that place" again tomorrow.  At 8:45 AM I meet with my breast oncologist to discuss both the results of my blood work (to see if my tumor markers have returned to normal levels) and the impact, if any, of the suspicious spot on my ovary on my overall treatment plan.
I won't tell you that I have no worries; I do.  My bible study girls would attest to that fact as they witnessed the tears on my face today.  But I was reminded by some wonderful women that I have a trustworthy God who went to the ends of the earth and beyond for me, for you.  He is present and working and loving.  Always. No matter what. 
As soon as I know what the "scoop" is, I'll let you know. 
Until then, I would appreciate your prayers.

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