Monday, June 24, 2013

Update #54

Just a quick update…

It was a ROUGH week last week…from randomly occurring (and excruciating may I add!) tooth pain and a bad reaction to pain meds (think "toss-your-cookies repeatedly"), to mouth sores that have caused me to have to stop the new cancer meds (hopefully, temporarily), to a bad reaction to the medicine that was supposed to help my mouth sores (can you say bumpy face and neck?).  

Hmm…not exactly the "Welcome to Summer Vacation" I had envisioned for my family! 

But, thankfully, today is a much easier day.  

Tooth pain totally gone.  
Mouth sores are almost resolved.  
Bumpy skin from the allergic reaction is smoothing out.  
Leg pain gone after taking 2 Advil. 

AND I'm in Pittsburgh with my kiddos visiting my sister's church because they do an incredible, 800+ kid Vacation Bible School for the week!  They're all at church and I get 3 hours to myself in a house that doesn't belong to me (think: no housework and no guilt).  

So…I decided I'd take 3 minutes and let you know of all that craziness and ask for your continued prayers that I would be able to be tolerate the cancer meds once I start back up again (probably on a reduced dosage) this week and that the meds would be effective.  My next appointment is Tuesday (July 2). Blood work will be done to show tumor marker levels and I'll make my decision regarding doing radiation to my leg.  No surgery needed to put in a rod into my femur, by the way.  Phew. 

Also, I wanted you to know that our church has asked Chad and me to speak again this summer.  We will be speaking at all four services during the weekend of July 20 and 21. If you'd like to come and hear us speak, we'd love for you to join us: 

Wesleyan Church of Hamburg
4999 McKinley Parkway
Hamburg, NY 14075

Service Times
Saturday night at 6:30 
Sunday at 9:15 (smaller, traditional service in the Chapel), 
Sunday at 9:30 and 11 (in the big worship center)

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