Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Update #53

Just a quick one now…perhaps I'll write more later…

Based on scans and slightly increased tumor markers, I will be changing treatment to an endocrine based therapy.  This therapy is a newly approved therapy for Breast Cancer and one that has side effects that are substantially easier than traditional chemotherapy.   I will start taking these daily pills in the next couple of days.   One of the listed side effects is "a change in personality."  I openly laughed out loud at that one.  That's funny.  How in the world do they measure that?  (Let's hope I don't have to come back in a few weeks and tell you that I know why that's listed as a side effect. Thank goodness I'm not naturally wired to be a hypochondriac…can you imagine!?! :)

So, although I'm not starting a hard chemo regiment (for which I am beyond-words grateful), I do have a few prayer requests that'd I'd love for you to be praying….

(1) There MAY be cancer now in my lung. If so, it's small (and no symptoms that I can tell).

(2) I MAY need to have radiation done to my left femur as it's been causing me some pain.  I will consult with a Radiation Oncologist in the coming days.

(3) I MAY need to have surgery to put a rod in my femur to stabilize it. I will be meeting with a orthopedic who specializes in bone-based cancer in the coming days.

(4) Although there are several not-so-nice side effects of this new endocrine therapy, a more common one – and one that could preclude me from continuing with this therapy – is debilitating mouth sores.  I don't want those.  Nor really do I want ANY negative side effects!! :)

(5) I would really like for this treatment to work wonderfully.

(6) I would really, really, really like for cancer to be fully, forever and ever gone from my healthy body.  Now, that's a risky, bold prayer.  Anyone signing up for that one? :)  I know that I have been, and will continue to,asking for that and have been/will continue to do my best to trust His answer and His timing. 

Thanks, friends.

You know, not every time I've gone into Roswell, have I walked in and out emotionally in a good place. Today – despite the seemingly difficulty of the news that I heard – I did.  I'm super thankful for that. 

I hope no matter what lies before you, no matter what your feet are walking thru, no matter what your eyes see as they glance around you, no matter what your ears can't help but hear…in the midst of all that, I hope you have a deep sense of His hands holding you.   It's not always an easy place, but it's a good one. 

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