Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Update #34

Hi all...
Here we go again. Ready?
I'm headed to Roswell tomorrow morning (9:15 scheduled appointment, but in reality, who knows when I'll be seen!) to hear the results of the scans that I had on Friday.
I am, once again, not looking forward to tomorrow.  My bones (tailbone and pelvis/hip) have been noticeably achier than they have been so it's been challenging to not dwell on that. I have realized once again just how much I need to continually fill my mind and spirit with the truths of God so that I do not become filled with worries and fears that could so easily become a distraction to truly living the full life that Christ promises. 
So I would ask for prayer, that is, if you are willing to gear up in prayer for me again. And believe me...I know that for those of you who are experiencing the loss of Laura and who aren't quite sure if you're up for entering into someone else's life so intimately again for a little bit...this could be a very hard thing, something that you want to run from.  I get that.  I truly, truly do.  No apologies.  But for those of you who are able, I would very much appreciate a word spoken to Him upon my behalf.  Certainly for easy-to-hear test results, but even more so for a deep sense of His presence and His joy.   
Thanks my friends.
Be back in touch tomorrow sometime.

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  1. Prayers arising for you, sweet friend! May the God of Comfort & Peace hold you in His mighty hands and fill you with His Spirit each moment leading up to, during and after your time at Roswell tomorrow.