Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Update #35

Easy-to-hear news today at Roswell:  My tumor markers are down a bit from last time and my bone and CT scans show no progression in disease.  
It's hard to put into words how thankful Chad and I were to hear that today.   While we both know that our hope doesn't rest in a medical test or in a scan - or even in what that test or scan reveals - there is just a sense of being able to breathe a bit more freely when you hear that your tumor markers are down and your scans haven't gotten worse.  
So today's drive home from Roswell was a "yippee" and "an-out-loud-at-the-top-of-your-lungs-yahoo" kind of a drive.  It was a "Thank you, Lord" and "Thank you, Lord, again" kind of a drive.  And I am confident that He is pleased with hearing the sound of His daughter's gleeful - rather than sometimes hard fought, thru tears, out of a choice rather than out of overflowing desire - praise.  
So thanks for continuing on this up and down, right-turn and left-turn journey with Chad, the kiddos, and me.  I will say this again and again until I have no voice left to say (or no fingers left to type!), I am grateful for the times when you all step into the gap and intercede for both me and for those whom I love.  It is humbling and encouraging and, above all, a very tangible reminder of the blessings that pour forth when we let people into our lives and share as openly and as honestly as we know how.  For sure, it makes life messier; but boy, does it make all together richer.
How I pray that today - whether it's out of easy glee or out of hard choice - you also praise Him for who He is and who He declares you to be.
With love and deep-seated appreciation,

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  1. Dear Kristie,
    You may not remember me but we went to school together and I just want you to know that you, your husband and children are in my thoughts and prayers! I am so happy for your news and so inspired by your honesty and openness and praise.

    Sending love and prayers...