Wednesday, February 12, 2014

End of Day Update...

Phew. That was a  LONG day…

Bottom line:  Treatment will be changing, but not sure yet what it will be.

My doctor is doing some research on some non-traditional treatment options to see if she'd recommend any of them more than she'd recommend infusion chemo. I'm also going to be meeting with Genetics (find out tomorrow when that appointment will be).  In addition, I'll be meeting with radiation oncology to see what the recommendation would be re: treating the the spot on my right hip.

How am I, you ask?
Actually okay.

Kinda strange, but Monday was much harder than today.  
My list of complaints was truly long on Monday.
But my airing of them – and then my follow-up visit to Hamburg Town Court and seeing the grander truths – truly did help put my feet back on solid ground.

I'm exhausted, but I'm okay.
No tears shed today.
AND…not even a lump in my throat.

Perhaps that will come later tonight as I lay my head on my pillow and have a moment to breathe and process all this…but, for now, I'm okay.

Thanks again for loving me well today.  You are a source of much needed, and much appreciated, encouragement.


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