Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Update #25

Quick update now...more later...
Hard news today:  cancer appears to be progressing.  The places where I feel (a little) pain are places that show on the scans as having cancer.
Have a choice:  weekly chemo (taxol/avastin) or a 3rd-line anti-estrogen treatment.
After extensive conversation, have chosen the 3rd line anti-estrogen.
I'll be rescanned in May. If there's any progression at all, chemo will be the next step.
The anti-estrogen treatment is delivered by injection.  Today I was the lucky recipient of 2 shots.  In two weeks I get two more and then I'll get two more on a monthly basis after that.   And, oh, did I mention the shots go into my butt?  (Thankfully, the few extra pounds I've gained these past months helped to absorb the pain!)
I'll write more later, but that's the scoop for now.  Off to put a heating pad on my cheeks.  You know...those cheeks, not the ones above my neck! :)
Love to you all and thanks for your prayers.  Despite the swirling waters, there was a deep sense of calmness and peace.  God does that. 
P.S.  Almost forgot...the bright spot of today's medical news is that they've changed their assumption about the two small spots in my lungs; they're now thinking that they are NOT cancer as they haven't changed a bit since my first scans in May.


  1. Dear Kristie - I am so sorry for your news but will hope & pray that the anti-estrogen treatment works. You remain on my mind & in my prayers.

  2. Kristie...I too am praying that those anti-estrogen shots work. I'm also so happy to hear the "bright side" about your lungs. God gives you amazing strength.