Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Prayer Request

Headed to Roswell tomorrow (Wed) for an 8:30 meeting with my doctor to hear her "final analysis" of what's going on inside my body.  Won't lie.  Not totally calm about it.  Have minor aches in my back and pelvis that make the mind wonder.
But I also won't lie and tell you that I'm a wreck; I'm not.   And it's because, today, I heard afresh some really cool things that I needed to hear and place at the forefront of my mind. Things about... 
The infinite trustworthiness of Christ - that He is faithful and good. No matter what.
The truth that I am wrapped completely in his arms and hidden in His protective wings.
The fact that God provides so much more than even my (excellent!) dad can. 
So as I type this my heart and mind are soothed by these truths - how thankful I am for that.   No knot in my stomach.   I pray that continues tomorrow morning.  If you have a moment, I would appreciate prayers for Chad and me as we meet with the doctor tomorrow.  
As always, thanks so very much and I'll keep you posted.

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