Thursday, October 30, 2014

Update #83

Realized that I didn't let you all know (at least via email!) about the results of my scans yesterday.  Oops. Sorry. 

Easy day!  The scans show stability and/or improvement. This means that the current chemo drug I'm on will be what I continue with for the time being. 
So…tomorrow I go for Part 1 of Round #3 of chemo. 

So far, the side effects of this drug continue to be MUCH easier than those of the first drug I was on this summer.  
While I don't feel great and while eating is still hard, I recognize myself again.  
Well…I guess I really don't recognize myself if I'm talking about what I see in the mirror. 
That girl staring back at me is a bit scarier than the girl who I remember myself to be.  
But, when I think of how I'm not just laying on the couch all day or feeling crappy all day… 
THAT feels much more like my old self.  

So…thanks for your prayers and your encouragement. This would be so much more difficult without you…

Love to you all,

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