Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Update #72

From this morning...

Headed to the dentist this morning for (most likely) a crown.
Followed up by a visit to Roswell for a blood draw, a jab in the belly, tumor marker results and a visit with my doctor.

Even though it involves a crown, it's not exactly a day that little girls dream about one day having, right? :)

I would love your prayers.
Thanks all. 

Back in touch later today….

From this evening...
So I didn't get a crown.
In fact, I didn't have to have really any dental work done.  Perhaps down the road, but not today. 
What incredibly, surprisingly easy news.  
Totally deserving of a loud yippee! 

The news from Roswell was no where near as surprising, nor easy for that matter.
Tumor markers continue to climb and scans are definitely required.  

So on 6/2 I'll be getting scans and then on 6/11 I'll hear the results of those scans and treatment plans will be discussed.
Until then, I'm still on my "extreme-weight-gain-as-the-major-side-effect" drug.  (Please don't even think about putting a "yippee" to that one. Not today. Probably not ever.  Ugh.) 

The great news is that I feel pretty good.  Any hip pain is generally very manageable by Advil so I'm able to fully participate in life 
And that is something for which I am superbly thankful.

Although I generally don't like to only give medical updates, the truth is that I'm abdicating my parenting responsibilities right now in order to send off the quick update to you, so…. any longer update will have to with until later. I know; don't cry. :)

You guys are awesome. 
I truly count it one of my greatest privileges to be loved well by you.


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