Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Update #67

Met with my doctor today and here's the skinny:  No change in treatment until after we get the results of scans.  Scans are scheduled for 2/12, with my follow-up appointment on 2/19.  I will also be meeting with the Genetics department at Roswell sometime in the next couple of weeks to understand what, if any, non-traditional treatment options might be applicable to me because of our family's specific history of cancers  (we are not a BRCA family for those of you who know about that).

It's funny how I usually feel as if I'm handling the stress of the day well. That is, until my appointment is over and it gets to be about 5:30 PM.  I get so tired by then.  I mean, seriously tired.  All I want to do is become one with my couch!  Being the rock star that his is, Chad just smiles at me, refrains from calling me lazy, and generously takes the lead on getting the kids to bed.  Ahh…to be taken care of.

On a separate note…Remember when I first was re-diagnosed and the ortho told me that I had to be one crutches for 6 weeks and then use a cane?  Although I totally didn’t follow that advice (thank goodness), the crutches that I bought have finally come in handy.  

Unfortunately, Emilie accidentally slammed her foot against a stone step at a friend's house on Monday night.  On Tuesday morning, when she complained that her toe hurt, I basically told her – no, I actually really did tell her - to suck it up and go to school.  You know, the, "You're fine, there's nothing that can be done even if it's broken, stop your crying" spiel that moms give?  

Yeah; I really missed the mark on that one.  Learned the hard way when I got the call from school a few hours later that Em had spent a portion of the day in a WHEELCHAIR because her foot was swollen and causing her to not be able to walk.  When I picked her up, I got the, "What? Did you really think she should have sucked it up on this one?" look.  Oops. No mother-of-the-year award for me, I guess! :)

We promptly took her to get it x-rayed and, thankfully, found out that it's not broken.  Badly bruised and in need of crutches for a few days, but not broken.  Phew.  What an eventful couple of days in the Rush household! 

Thanks, once again, for all the ways you encourage us.  You are just fabulous.
With love,

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