Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Update #65

Anyone want to guess what I heard today?

Ding. Ding. Ding.  
You got it: wait and see.
For at least a week, more likely for four weeks.

My tumor markers continue to be above normal (as they have been for many months), but are up slightly from last time.  My scans showed slight disease progression, but only in one area of my bones.  The rest of my scans showed that all other bone lesions are stable and that no other organs appear to be affected.  Because the new lesion on my bone is so small and because this is the first time my markers have gone up since switching to this treatment, the PA felt that it's too early to make a treatment change.  However, since my doctor is out of the office for a family emergency, she wants to consult with her via phone or with the other MD to make sure they agree.  Given how my Dr. has made decisions in the past, I think she will agree.  

If she does agree, I will continue on with this treatment and will go back again for blood work on January 8th.  

Phew.  A "yee-haw" and a "yikes" all in one.  
Mixed bag results are both so fabulous and so not-so-fabulous, aren't they?   

Thanks for your prayers.  How I am grateful for you.  For all the ways you stand in the gap for, and encourage, and love my family and me. You are so important to me.
If I'm not back in touch beforehand, have a wonderful Christmas…

Love to you,

BTW - sounds like the "loudest vs. deepest desire" stuff has made an impact on more than just me.  I appreciate the many emails/posts/messages you've sent about it.  Good stuff. Thanks, Tim Keller! :)

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