Sunday, September 9, 2012

Update #39 (For Real)

Can you feel the excitement? 
Is it as palpable in your house as it is in ours?

Oh barely 27's the start of NFL Sunday.

The joy of putting that flat screen to good use.
The giddiness of watching grown men hit each other with all their might and sweat profusely trying to either move a ball forward or stop it from moving forward.
The eager anticipation of a great season that must certainly be ahead, right?

(Notice I said the anticipation of a great season and not the promise of one!. In Buffalo, that has - historically - been a pretty big difference!)

I know today is a special, special day in the homes of many of those who are reading this email. And, as such, I won't take up much of your time.  

But I did want to give you all a heads-up that I'll be headed to Roswell for scans tomorrow and then I will hear the results of those scans on Wednesday.  Although for the past year my body has responded well to the daily chemo pills I've been taking (with minimal - thank God - side effects), my body has been sending me some signals that things might be changing in not-such-an-easy way. 

So, after your household either celebrates the win of your favorite team or mourns the loss and gears up for a "better next week", I would - once again - humbly ask for your prayers.  Specifically your prayers for:
(1)  Another explanation - beside the obvious explanation  - behind the aches in my back
(2) Protection of my mind and my spirit as I await the results. 
(3) My ability to know and trust and be fully satisfied by His presence
(4) Great joy to  be known in the midst of the unknown.

Thanks team...
With love and appreciation,

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