Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Update #29

Who would have thought that getting two gigantic shots in the bum and an infusion in your arm would be an excellent outcome to a trip to Roswell?
Not me.
Until today!
Although my tumor markers are up again slightly, my scans were basically unchanged from 6 months ago.  This was wonderfully surprising news!  I fully expected - based on lots of factors - to walk into my appointment today hearing that I needed to start chemo. My oncologist prepared me well for hearing that after my meeting last month. 
So...what easy, easy, easy news to hear that the scans didn't show progression of disease and, therefore, no treatment change.
That's right;  you heard me correctly.  No treatment change.  That means...
I will be rescanned in 2-3 months to see how things are going.  Until then....
Did I say that yet? Hmm...let me try that again to see how it rolls off the tongue...
Yes.  That's a sweet, sweet sound.
So many emotions, so many praises that are easy to lift to God, so many things that dance through my head. 
But, for now...really...I don't have a lot of words. (Shocking, huh!)  Just thankfulness.  Deep, deep thankfulness.
Summer vacation begins in 6 days.
I cannot wait!
Thanks for your prayers and your encouragement.  As always, you floor me at how well you love me.

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  1. Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow! My heart is rejoicing for you...for your family...that your summer will not be daunted by treatment change. ALLELUIA!!! Continuing to pray for miraculous, God-sized healing on your body and for your daily comfort, both physical & spiritual.